Wouldn't we all like to come from work and find a hot, hearty and delicious home-cooked meal waiting for us? That's what Crock-Pot cooking can provide and why it is a cooking method that is so popular with working families. From the America's Home Cooking Series comes another batch of delicious and easy-to-make recipes featuring everything from appetizers and side dishes to main courses and desserts. This cookbook includes approximately 150 crock pot recipes, including all of the recipes featured on the program hosted by WQED's Chris Fennimore: Brown's "Boy Scout" Beans, Crock-Pot Spinach Casserole, Italian Wedding Soup, 4 Porks and Kraut with Dirty Mashed Potatoes, Crock-Pot Reuben Pizza, Liquid Lasagna, Luscious Chicken Curry, Apple Crisp and Chocolate Mess Dessert. Spiral-bound paperback cookbook, 165 pages, 150 recipes

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