AHC Cookbooks Combo 3 – Comfort Food, Family Favorites & Potato People find comfort in memories of childhood favorites and shared ethnic traditions, and both are well represented in the Comfort Cookbook. The book includes favorite comfort food recipes, from Macaroni and Cheese to hamburger skillet dinners and Stuffed Cabbage Soup to potato dishes. 145 pages, 120 recipes America’s Home Cooking Family Favorites Cookbook offers great recipes for family specialties from appetizers to delicious entrees to spectacular desserts! Start with an Apple Cheddar Quiche appetizer, dine on Grandma Tippy-Toe’s Swiss Steak and end with a Black Magic Cake with Whipped Cream Icing! 227 pages, 198 recipes Fried, baked, boiled and mashed, the humble potato is America's favorite vegetable. The collection of wonderful recipes in the Potato Cookbook will make sure you have an endless list of ways to prepare your spuds. There are potato casseroles, salads, gratins and soups of all kinds. There are even desserts like Classic Sweet Potato Pie and Potato Candy. 150 pages, 132 recipes

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