Original Soundtrack Recording from the PBS Special. Ten time Emmy winning composer and Grammy winning producer Brian Keane has crafted a unique soundtrack to this PBS special. Taking place in the middle 1700's, Keane drenches the score in the atmosphere of the 18th century by employing the instruments and music of the time period including works by Handel, French court composer Jean Baptiste Lully, and others. Total running time: 62:31 minutes.

1. Early Americans (Keane)
2. Washington's Blunder in the woods (Keane)
3. The Half King (Keane)
4. Round Dance (Trad Six Nations)
5. Young Washington's Theme (Keane)
6. French Tavern (Anon 18th Century French Folk Arr. Keane)
7. War Breaks Out (Keane)
8. Braddock's March (G.F. Handel arr. Keane)
9. Battle at the Monongahela (Keane)
10. D'une Nouvelle Terre (18th Century French Arr. Keane)
11. Vanishing World (Keane)
12. Bloody Morning Scout (Keane)
13. Mary Jemison's Theme (Keane)
14. Deportation From Nova Scotia (18th Century French Arr. Keane)
15. Battle Of Lake George (Keane)
16. William Pitt's Deal (G. F. Handel Arr. Keane)
17. Louisburg Falls (Keane)
18. Versailles (Jean Baptiste Lully)
19. Easton Treaty (Trad Six Nations)
20. Washington Goes Home (Keane)
21. Guyasuta Tries (Keane)
22. Trouble Comes to Fort Michilimackinac (Keane)
23. Smallpox (Trad Six Nations)
24. A Few Acres of Snow (Keane)
25. Conastoga/Revolution (Keane)
26. Declaration Of Independence (Keane)

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