The positive and reassuring music in this collection of familiar Mister Rogers songs encourages children (and adults!) to feel good about themselves. While we're all alike in some ways, each one of us has our own ways of expressing who we are. Some of the most important ways for children to explore that uniqueness is through playing and pretending. In this recording there's lots to pretend and play about! Track Listings: 1. Won't You Be My Neighbor? 2. You Are Special 3. Some Things I Don't Understand 4. Children Can 5. Goldilocks And The Three Bears 6. I'm A Man Who Manufactures 7. Did You Know? 8. It's You I Like 9. Everybody's Fancy 10. Pretending 11. I Can Moo Like A Cow 12. We Are Elephants 13. The Clown In Me 14. The Truth Will Make Me Free 15. It's Such A Good Feeling

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