Where you live is important. What makes it a pleasant and unforgettable place depends on many factors. In this Pittsburgh History special, producer Rick Sebak and his TV team look for some of the reasons why neighborhoods around here are so memorable, from Aluminum City Terrace in New Kensington to Polish Hill to Collier Township (where the Hi Neighbor! Club has been meeting once a month since 1958.) We check out the incredible Carnegie Library in Homewood, a classic corner grocery store in the Tenth Ward of McKeesport, and a warm and wonderful coffee shop in Highland Park. Come climb the steps that are such important parts of so many area neighborhoods, run around Regent Square, and sample all the sidewalk food at Bloomfield’s Italian Days. See how murals are brightening neighborhoods around the city, how the Lawrenceville House Tour celebrates that section, and why St. Rocco is really special in parts of Aliquippa. Approx. 105 mins

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