Yes! Pittsburgh has a long history of being home to some of the best engineers in the world. This documentary celebrates the accomplishments of some of Pittsburgh’s engineers, from 18th century military engineers who designed Fort Pitt to engineering students today who still create sparks of brilliance and innovative solutions to all sorts of problems. Some may take engineers for granted, but in this City of Bridges, we are reminded often of the power and grace and practical advantages that come with good design, continual maintenance, amazing challenges and clever use of resources. What connects Ferris Wheels with state of the art nuclear power plants? Why is there a connection between George Westinghouse and 21st century robotics? What’s the common thread that links John Roebling, Jonas Salk, the Mellon Arena and video games? It’s Pittsburgh’s amazing love and respect for innovation, great engineering and unfettered imagination. Watch this. You’ll see.

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