One of the highest rated programs in WQED's history! Now with additional stories and bonus footage! This program celebrates the buildings, the history and the people who make the Golden Triangle an unforgettable urban center. From the Courthouse to the Oyster House, this documentary takes you on a tour of some of the cities most notable landmarks and delicious destinations. We go shopping, look up at skyscrapers, stop for treats at CandyRama, and go for a ride with a bike messenger. You get to see places that aren't open to the public, including the "weather lantern" on the Gulf Building, Henry Clay Frick's private bathroom, and the old chapel in the County Morgue (where many couples went on prom night!) The program is full of surprises and wonderful characters who will convince you that this is a city of outstanding architecture, intriguing stories and hidden treasures. DVD includes Bonus Material. Approx. 120 minutes

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